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    a pretty day in my garden

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    Which would you choose? Size comparison of some of the best portables. #vapes #vaping #vaporizers #vaporizerwizard

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    GQ style - KEEM WON JOONG

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    inspiration, rk, 2013

    from Kurt Vile, Smoke Ring for my Halo

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    Beautiful night for a #bonfire

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    @topknoterr on We Heart It.

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    Up and coming hip hop artist KINO, from the west coast. Check out his song “Cruise (That’s the Definition).” Smooth flow and beat. Feel free to download and check out the rest of his project, March 13th! Also, be on the look out for “Westside Dream,” “Real,” and “Nahmerica.” 


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    Angela Strassheim, Grandmothers Closet

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